Why attend this year?

Francisca Gaifém had a few thoughts about last year’s event that might make you want to consider going to this year’s. “I really enjoyed attending the Global Health Film Days edition last year. I watched many inspirational films that contributed to broadening my perspectives on diverse global health topics. The event is a fantastic platform to raise awareness and promote a dialogue about global public health challenges. For me, it helps me understand better the real-life implications of these challenges in our global society. And it is also a great way to engage with my research interests on a different, more personal level. I look forward to watching the screenings chosen for this year’s edition.”

Why does Projekt FeMaLe emphasise this event?

This answer is Below the Belt. No, really. The film Below the Belt.
Time and time again, women have been blocked from clinical trials due to the notion that menstruation, pregnancy, and natural hormonal cycles are too much of a hindrance in research. Such neglect results in medical mysteries, chronic pain, and endless confusion for millions of women globally.

Directed by Shannon Cohn, the 2023 film Below the Belt follows the stories of 4 women trying to find answers to their mysterious symptoms. Through the lens of endometrioza, a disease affecting 1 in 9 women, the film exposes how women are dismissed, discounted, and disbelieved when seeking healthcare. Below The Belt is an educational film that provides an accurate base of knowledge about endometriosis and a step forward towards revolutionising the landscape of women’s health.

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