Norbert Sziráczki

Senior software engineer/entrepreneur at YourCode

About Norbert

Norbert Sziráczki is, a senior software engineer/entrepreneur from Hungary. I’ve been in the field of mobile app development from the very first baby steps of Android and iOS, building apps for companies like Virgin, SAP, and Liligo. A few years ago I got to meet some new friends who were connected to endometriosis in one way or another. These acquaintances and my newfound freedom as an entrepreneur led me to start a project called Lucy. In the beginning, Lucy was just a small charity project for the ‘Easier together’ Foundation, but now, a few years later we see that it became much more than that – a way to help people suffering from endometriosis by potentially reducing the time it takes to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Ieșire relevantă

The most important projects from his professional work that is relevant to FEMaLe are Liligo and of course Lucy.
Liligo is a french startup that created a travel-metasearch platform. In 2015 I have joined their team in Budapest as a head developer of their Android apps. The top-quality team working on that project taught me a lot about how mobile apps and startups should work.
His experiences helped them to build Lucy into the app it is now. They spend a great deal of time with their users, talking to them face-to-face about how they live with their endometriosis and how do they track their cycle. They also gather medical knowledge for the app from top-tier gynecologists and psychologists, such as Dr. Attila Bokor and Dr. Gabriella Márki.