FEMaLe proudly presents another partner, this time Yourcode Lab, (or its successor, Codingo) a digital product studio located in Budapest.

The team consists of senior developers, designers, and testers from all the fields necessary to build products from the ground, such as UX/UI design, product design, backend development, and frontend development (either web, native mobile, or cross-platform technologies). 

They strive to work smart and hard at the same time, by utilizing leading-edge technologies and agile processes from the moment they start working on the dream of their clients.

Their projects come in all shapes and sizes, like a digital solution for improving waste recycling for a greener future, a full-blown ERP system, a modern e-mail application, and most importantly – Lucy, a smart menstruation and fertility calendar, their most significant contribution to FEMaLe.

Lucy has recently been translated into English, Danish and Swedish – with more possibly on the way!

Learn more about Lucy: Lucy on the Google App StoreLucy on the Apple App Store

Learn more about YourCode.

Also, you can read more about Yourcode Lab in our Partners section here.