At last! The first peer-reviewed FEMaLe project article published:

‘Temporal and regional differences in the incidence of hospital-diagnosed endometriosis: a Danish population-based study’


See the article here.

Very well done, Louise Ruby Høj Illum, Axel Forman, Anna Melgaard, Karina E. Hansen, Stefan N. Hansen, Mette Nyegaard, Lone Hummelshoj and Dorte Rytter.

The results from the first study of its kind shows a considerable increase in the incidence of hospital-diagnosed endometriosis in Denmark over time and reveals significant regional differences, which suggests varying degrees of underdiagnosing depending on the region of residence.


This article is part of the FEMaLe project, which has received funding from The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.