University of Oxford

Partner description

UOFX is a world leading University at the forefront of global research into a wide range of issues. The Central University is comprised of over 100 major academic departments, which are overseen by the four academic divisions: Medical Sciences; Mathematical, Phsyical and Life Sciences.

The Oxford Endometriosis CaRe Centre, directed by Professors Zondervan and Becker, is an internationally accredited centre of expertise in clinical care and research into endometriosis. The Centre’s mission is to integrate world-class evidence-based clinical care with an internationally collaborative programme of basic, clinical and translational research into endometriosis and related women’s health conditions.

Its research seeks to identify what causes this disease, to help improve our understanding of its different forms and to help inform novel drug and non-invasive biomarker discovery programmes. The Centre is part of NDWRH, with computational genetic and molecular research conducted by its members based at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics.