How to make health & care systems more effective: 

  1. Иновација 
  2. Data 
  3. New technologies 
  4. Sevices 
  5. Citizen data ownership

ЕУ очекује: 

Proposals should introduce: 

  1. Innovative ICT solutions via data, 
  2. Data analytics,
  3. Advanced or novel digital technologies, 
  4. Services, 
  5. Products, 
  6. Organizational changes, 
  7. Citizens data ownership

That leat to more effective health and care systems. Proposals should include validation/demonstration of feasibility of models, technologies and scenarios. 

ФЕМаЛе ће: 

Deliver and feasibility test 

  1. Mobile health app for people with endometriosis 
  2. Three clinical decision support (CDS) tools for healthcare providers (risk stratification, multi-marker signature, and non-invasive diagnostics)
  3. Computer vision-based software tool for real time augmented reality guided surgery of endometriosis.