Annalise Weckesser


Dr Annalise Weckesser is a medical anthropologist with expertise on gendered experiences of menstrual, reproductive, and sexual health and chronic conditions, including endometriosis.
Dr Weckesser currently leads the International Endometriosis Social Research Network (@EndoSRN on Twitter), which she co-founded in 2020 and now has members in almost 20 countries. Based at Birmingham City University’s Centre for Social Care and Health Related Research, she co-leads the Gender, Family and Health Research Cluster and undertakes NIHR and ESRC funded qualitative health research on ‘period poverty,’ endometriosis care, maternity and sexual health services, and more.
She collaborates with, and consults for, (inter)national third sector organisations campaigning for menstrual equity and writes on endometriosis and intersectional health inequalities in The Conversation.

Relevant publications

  • Bullo & Weckesser (2021) ‘Addressing Challenges in Endometriosis Pain Communication Between Patients and Doctors: The Role of Language’ Frontiers in Global Women’s Health
  • Randhawa, Tufte-Hewett, Weckesser, et al. (2021) Secondary School Girls’ Experiences of Menstruation & Endometriosis Awareness: A Cross-Sectional Study. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol.