The Lucy App

What is its purpose

The Lucy App is a menstrual and fertility calendar that helps to track the person’s period and health status, while also providing a safety net by analyzing inputs and notifying in case of increased chance of a serious gynecological disease. The Lucy App gathers most important information from your posts and makes a summary that, if you show it to your doctor, can give you a much more accurate picture of your medical condition and give you a better treatment if needed.

Identifying diseases

During the development process, the Lucy App team identified five serious gynecological diseases that they wanted to focus on: Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids, Ovarian cyst, and Pelvic inflammation. To support the detection of these conditions, they have partnered with some of the best gynecologists and psychologists in Hungary. The result was a weighted symptom-disease matrix that created the base for the detection logic. The collected items were categorized and modified to be easily understood by the end-users. An algorithm developed in Lucy under the supervision of a specialist monitors whether your gynecologist is worth a visit based on your observed symptoms. The algorithm also pays attention to which diseases it is worth paying special attention to in case of a problem.

Every 5th woman  in the world is affected by a gynecological disease that can often only be diagnosed over many years. Due to the ambiguity of bodily symptoms, patients may be misdiagnosed and therefore not receive effective treatment.

By using the Lucy App regularly, the users are notified if and when there is an increased risk based on their symptoms, so this should lead to a significant decrease in diagnostic delays. The application recognizes the symptoms of the following diseases:




    Ovarian cyst

    Pelvic inflammatory disease




To further improve the Lucy App’s accuracy, the FEMaLe project will monitor every single piece of information shared in a profiled, yet completely encrypted, anonymous way and will develop mobile health app – MY ENDO, for people with endometriosis, based on the existing Lucy App.
The MY ENDO (Mind Your ENDOmetriosis) self-management program will include innovative methods recommended by the psychological pain research. MY ENDO offers a higher degree of patient anonymity, could reduce the potential stigma associated with attending interventions in mental health settings, and it has the potential to increase patients’ self-efficacy and feeling of control in one’s life.