Nemanja Todić

Founder & CEO of Web Bay

About Nemanja

Nemanja has translated his experience working closely with European Associations into the company practices when he founded Web Bay in 2012. Software developer by call, he provides consultancy to the development teams of the best practices and guidance towards the new trends in the ever-growing industry. His main focus is growth, and he provides advice to our clients on the right ways towards the community growth and visibility of the actions. He is currently an Executive Board member within the FEMaLe Project Consortium, advising on best practices for targeting relevant stakeholders and influencing decision-makers. He is providing expertise on how the project can make the largest impact within the non-profit community.

Relevant output

Cycle Highways Innovation for smarter People Transport and Spatial Planning (CHIPS) project – will develop and promote cycle highways as an effective and cost efficient low carbon solution for commuting towards and from urban employment poles. CHIPS will demonstrate that, especially in combination with the growing number of e-bikes, cycle highway innovation can effectively get commuters out of their cars.


Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches (ANIMA) project – is a constantly evolving EU-funded project, which deals with a global issue affecting thousands of people living around airports – aviation noise. ANIMA seeks to improve the lives of people directly affected by aviation noise around Europe’s major airports. The vital part of the project is connecting with stakeholders and experts throughout the process in order to ensure relevant and timely solutions and tools.

For both projects, Web Bay was a Communication & Dissemination consultant, and helped with their web presence and digital deliverables. We were included in the development of Cycle Highway Manual, which aims to be a help for professionals that deal with cycle highway planning, design, construction, selling, maintenance, monitoring or evaluation.