Dorte Rytter

Aarhus Universitet

About Dorte

Associate Professor, PhD Dorte Rytter (female) is specialised in reproductive epidemiology and developmental origin of health and disease.

She has only recently started focusing her research on endometriosis, but she has already been successful in setting up the necessary data from national registers. She is part of the Danish Endometriosis Research Group and this research idea is a product of that multidisciplinary collaboration.

Relevant output

  • Rytter, D, Rask, CU, Vestergaard, CH, Nybo Andersen, AM & Bech, BH 2020, ‘Non-specific Health complaints and self-rated health in pre-adolescents; impact on primary health care use’, Scientific Reports, bind 10, 3292.
  • Schartau, S, Heering Holt, D, Lützen, T, Rytter, D & Mølbak, K 2019, ‘On the contextual nature of vaccine safety monitoring: Adverse events reporting after HPV-vaccination in Denmark, 2015’, Vaccine, bind 37, nr. 19, s. 2580-2585.
  • Weye, N, Fonager, K, Lützen, T & Rytter, D 2018, ‘Socioeconomic predictors of referral to a diagnostic centre on suspected adverse events following HPV vaccination’, European Journal of Public Health, bind 28, nr. 6, s. 1109-1113.