Gert L. Møller

Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer in PrecisionLife

About Gert

Gert L. Møller is the co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer in PrecisionLife and head of our Danish office. As an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, he has invented and developed new software technologies, which are the foundation of PrecisionLife’s core platform for combinatorial analytics. Via collaborators and scientists, engineers and commercial experts, he has helped solve challenges in clinical genomics such as how to efficiently conduct whole genome studies based on multiple combinations of SNPs or other markers. He considers the FEMaLe project a great opportunity to test and further develop precisionlife’s combinatorial approach for stratification of patients with endometriosis in close collaboration with domain experts in the consortium.

Relevant output

“Combinatorial Analysis of Phenotypic and Clinical Risk Factors Associated With Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients”

Characterization of the risk factors associated with variability in the clinical outcomes of COVID-19 is important. Our previous study using genomic data identified a potential role of calcium and lipid homeostasis in severe COVID-19. This study aimed to identify similar combinations of features (disease signatures) associated with severe disease in a separate patient population with purely clinical and phenotypic data.quality of life, adverse effects, bone mineral density ( DXA scans at baseline, 12 and 24 months) and costs.