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Partner description

YC LAB KFT is a product developer company that is capable of creating applications from scratch, including product design, UI design and prototyping, backend, native and cross-platform mobile development and web-frontend development. Every employee and partner of the company is a highly experienced senior software engineer, with a focus on high quality and productivity.

YC LAB KFT already took part in the development of the Lucy App, making it a perfect candidate for the iOS application and the extension features.

Relevant FEMaLers and their relevant output

Norbert Sziráczki


Norbert Sziráczki (m), as a freelancer and senior Aandroid developer, he has experience with latest Android best-practices, Kotlin, Java and architecture design. Currently he is building Android apps either as freelance projects for multinational compaines or for self-realization.

Some of his latest projects are the following: Lucy – Menstruation Calendar Android App, CleverWaste – ERP environment for a logistic company (mobileAndroid app, webWeb app, backendServer-side application), Onbox – Android E-mail client, Virgin Hotels – Android App.


Relevant projects:

Apart from the work on Lucy app, YC LAB KFT’s biggest project is Cleverwaste. The project is the complete digitalization of the whole daily life of BÜCHL Entsorgungswirtschaft GmbH., a German waste-handling company. The project consists of several web-applications for clients and for administrators, native mobile apps, server-side applications, database applications and the dev-ops required for these services.