Zalika Klemenc Ketiš


About Zalika

Prof. Dr. Zalika Klemenc Ketiš (f), is Associated Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor, specialist in general medicine, born 6 June 1973. She graduated from Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana in 1999. PhD in 2010 at the University of Maribor.

Currently working as a family physician and researcher in Community Health Centre Ljubljana as well as Head of the Department of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor and also Head of Research Department for Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana.

President of the European Association for Quality and Safety in Family Medicine (EQuiP) and also a member of the executive board of WONCA Europe. She has published +100 scientific articles in MEDLINE.

Relevant output

  • Lukaschek K et al. (2019). Applicability of Motivational Interviewing for Chronic Disease Management in Primary Care Following a Web-Based E-Learning Course: Cross-Sectional Study. JMIR Ment Health. 29(6):e12540.
  • Klemenc-Ketis et al. (2017). The safety attitudes questionnaire – ambulatory version: psychometric properties of the Slovenian version for the out-of-hours primary care setting. BMC Health Services Research 17:36.
  • Klemenc-Ketis Z et al. (2018). The development and validation of a new interprofessional team approach evaluation scale. PloS one. 13(8), e0201385.