If presenting your latest contribution to the much-needed body of endometriosis research sounds good, WCE2023 will want to hear from you!  


The word limit for each abstract is 250 words, excluding the title, authors and affiliations. Abstracts should not contain any tables or figures and the use of abbreviations and acronyms should be kept to a minimum. All abstracts must be written and presented in English, otherwise they will not be reviewed.

Each abstract should adhere to the following structure: 

  • Introduction 
  • Aim(s) 
  • Materials and Methods 
  • Results 
  • Conclusions and impact

You can choose between the following presentation types: 

  • Oral Presentation 
  • Poster Presentation 
  • Video Presentation 

Presentation themes 

Authors will be asked to submit their abstracts under the following primary and secondary themes: 

  1. Adenomyosis. 
  2. Digital health.
  3. Epidemiology.
  4. Experimental models.
  5. Genetics and epigenetics.  
  6. Global health challenges.
  7. Imaging.
  8. Infertility.
  9. Medical management.
  10. Non-surgical/non-pharmacological therapies.
  11. Pain and pain mechanisms.
  12. Pathogenesis/aetiology.
  13. Patient centred care.
  14. Patient/public engagement. 
  15. Psychology/sexual function.
  16. Surgical innovation.

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