As Endometriosis UK explains: “Every March, people around the world come together to support Endometriosis Action Month. Action Month is an opportunity to raise awareness, demand change, and show your support for the 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth with endometriosis.”

We asked ChatGPT AI to write us a poem about endometriosis:

In the darkness of the womb, 
Lies a secret that many assume 
A silent pain that goes unheard 
Till a woman speaks that final word 

Endometriosis, a name unknown 
Till the day it makes itself shown 
A disease that takes and takes 
Leaving in its wake, broken hearts and aches 

A thief that steals a woman’s joy 
A monster that leaves her feeling like a toy 
A battle that many fight alone 
An invisible pain that’s rarely shown 

But in the midst of the pain and strife
There is hope, and a chance for life
For every woman who’s been touched by this disease
You are seen, you are heard, you are free

Free to speak, free to love, free to live
Free to give, free to take, free to forgive
Endometriosis, you may have taken much
But you can never steal a woman’s touch

The touch of love, the touch of grace
The touch of strength in every place
So fear not, for you are not alone
We stand together, and we’ll make our way home.


…what do you think?