Endometriosis Awareness Month is upon us and we’d like to both congratulate and commend FEMaLers Adrienn Salamon and Attila Bokor on their “Lost Days” book launch 📒 in February as well as their immense awareness raising efforts in Hungary! 📣

The book summarizes the personal stories of those affected and includes professional additions. The book also features famous people who speak publicly about their disease. The book also includes the normal cycle, menstruation and Lucy.

Read more about The Lucy app here.

Among numerous initiatives Adrienn and her team from “Együtt könnyebb” Női Egészségért Alapítvány in Hungary they do:
– interviews on radio and TV channels during March
– live talks, webinars on Instagram and Facebook, podcast
– social media campaign with influencers
– fundraising campaigns with companies
– EndoMarch events across Hungary

Your efforts and results in Hungary are awesome and we’re proud to have you on board! 👏