Shocked by the scant attention to conditions like endometriosis and sex differences not being integrated into the medical curriculum, Oriana Kraft created the first edition of FemTechnology Summit whilst studying medicine at ETH Zürich.

This event bridged the divide between clinical practice, research, and the burgeoning femtech startup scene to foster collaboration to address women’s health challenges.

Since its inception, the Summit has tackled the gender data health gap globally with pledges, white-papers, a University Series, which scouts pioneering research from leading universities to bridge the translational gap… Their latest initiative is FemTechGuide, which transforms women’s health data into actionable insights, driving enhanced care and impactful solutions.

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omenshealth‘ from 2023’s is a FemTechnology Summit in collaboration with Roche. We’re immensely proud that FEMaLe project adviser Oriana Kraft on behalf of FemTechnology Summit has facilitated this collaborative work together with Dr. Ana Rita da Costa, Pascal Joly i Dr. Ilkin Nehls 👏

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