From our Swedish partner KTH Royal Institute of Technology comes Jayanth Raghothama, a former think tank’er and computer scientist now assistant professor and vice-director. Curious how this relates to endometriosis? Read more below and stay tuned for our interview!

We’re proud to have him on board!

Jayanth Raghothama is Assistant Professor of Healthcare Logistics, and Vice-Director of the Digitalization Platform at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

He was trained as a computer scientist, but eschewed that in favor of an eclectic collection of research interests, driven by complexity, uncertainty and models. His work centers on design and policy formulation in complex systems, through integrating computational and qualitative methods, by combining models and simulations with participatory methods such as games.

Prior to his PhD, he worked for a number of years at a think tank in Bangalore, India, on emergency management, urban planning and agriculture, and also briefly flirted with the software industry.