Before we switch gears and post about our 17 partners, this intro-week will sum up the FEMaLe project. 

Today, we present the 10 FEMaLe work packages:

  1. IMPACT: shift-driven action and sustainability plan 
  2. CODE: ethics, gender, inclusion, RRI and Open Source 
  3. PHENOTYPE: clinical and psychological phenotyping 
  4. OMICS: risk classification and subtypes 
  5. BIG DATA: digital health monitoring and the Lucy app 
  6. DIAGNOSIS: surgical phenotyping using machine learning 
  7. VISUAL: augmented reality to improve laparoscopic surgery 
  8. DIGITAL: self-management program 
  9. BEACON: dissemination, communication and synergies 
  10. GOVERNANCE: management, financial risk and quality  

1: The EU’s assumptions 
2: The EU’s assignments 
3: FEMaLe’s ambitions
4: Value Creation 
5: Our partners 
6: Our work packages (⬅️)
7: The future