Hard to “read”? Annoyingly so, maybe? Read on and let’s make it less so to see clearly.

Definitive non-invasive diagnostics methods for #endometriosis are needed.

Overlap in symptomatology with other diseases means that endometriosis cannot be diagnosed on symptoms alone.

The definitive diagnosis of endometriosis requires laparoscopic surgery, preferably with histological confirmation. 

There are tests, which the gynaecologist may perform, including ultrasound, MRI scans, CA125, and gynaecological examinations. None of these can definitively confirm endometriosis, though they can be suggestive of the disease, nor can they definitively dismiss the presence of endometriotic lesions/cysts. 

The fact that there is no non-invasive, definitive diagnostic method for endometriosis is as frustrating for the healthcare provider as it is for those with the disease.