Royal Institute of Technology

Partner description

KTH is Sweden’s largest and oldest technical university. With high ranking in computer science and electrical engineering, the research into digital systems is substantial and of high quality.

The department of Biomedical Technology and Health Systems is a research and teaching environment, co-located with the Karolinska Hospital and Institute, aiming to contribute to research and education of clinically relevant and health affecting technology.

The strong competences are in digitalization of health care, biomedical imaging and simulation, and sustainable work life.

Relevant FEMaLers and their relevant output

Prof. Dr. Sebastiaan Meijer


Prof. Dr. Sebastiaan Meijer (male). Doctoral degree Wageningen University (NL, 2009), Docent degree KTH (2012). Meijer is head of department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems and research leader for Health Informatics and Logistics.

He pioneered many projects (EU FP7, EIT Digital, EIT Health, Dutch and Swedish Science and Innovation agencies), always on the intersection between simulation methods, formal analysis including data mining and AI, and human knowledge and expertise through gaming and participatory modelling. He (co-) authored over 120 peer reviewed publications and has multiple open source repositories created over the last decade. He joined KTH in 2012 and became full professor 2014, leadership positions from 2017.


Relevant publications:

Moustaid, Elhabib; Meijer, Sebastiaan; A System Approach to Study Waiting Times at Emergency Departments in Metropolitan Environments, 2019 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC),996-1007,2019,IEEE.

Roungas, Bill; Bekius, Femke; Verbraeck, Alexander; Meijer, Sebastiaan; Improving the decision-making qualities of gaming simulations, Journal of Simulation, 1-14, 2020, Taylor & Francis.

Zhang, Cevin; Härenstam, Karin Pukk; Darwich, Adam S; Meijer, Sebastiaan; Simulation and gaming of resource management in pediatric emergency medicine, International Journal of Serious Games,7,1,47-77,2020.

Moustaid E, Kornevs M, Lindencrona F, Meijer SA. A System of Systems of Mental Health in Cities, Digging Deep into the Origins of Complexity.”, Adm Policy Ment Health,,2020, Springer.

Bekius F, Meijer S. Selecting the right game concept for social simulation of real-world systems, Advances in Social Simulation, 71-79, 2020, Springer.

Dr. Jayanth Raghothama


Dr. Jayanth Raghothama (male), Doctoral degree KTH (2017). Raghothama is assistant professor in the same department and specialist in data driven and software driven analysis and simulation of health care systems.

With experience from the IT industry before pursuing a research career, he has worked on several full stack implementations in multiple industries. He has (co-)authored 20 publications, and works on a selection of projects with EU, national and industry funding.