Introducing TIEF “Együtt könnyebb” Női Egészségért Alapítvány, the Hungarian endometriosis patient association.

If your country wants results, TIEF is worth drawing inspiration from.

The average diagnosis time in Hungary is down to an average of 4.5 years and their government wants it lower still.

They have the ambition, they have the results to prove themselves more than capable of changing the system. They are an inspiration.

TIEF’s main objectives and activities: 

Raising awareness 
· Maintaining continuous press relations and media partnerships 
· Cooperation with vloggers, bloggers and celebrities 
· Arranging campaigns for wide audience to build awareness 
· Organizing the Hungarian event of Worldwide Endomarch (min 250 participants) 

· Preparing and spreading the ‘Endo booklet’ 
· Special educational program for teenagers 
· Presentations in companies 
· Co-operation with the most credible professional associations of medical students and district nurses 
· Monthly ‘Endo-Clubs’ 

Community building 
· Endometriosis Hungary (Endometriózis Magyarország) Facebook page: 9669 followers 
· Endometriosis Hungary (Endometriózis Magyarország) Instagram page: 4182 followers 
· Endometriosis Group with Experts: 5400 members 
· YouTube: 929 subscribers 
· Podcast channel (brand new) 
· Newsletter: 5500 subscribers 
· Website

Lobby and professional activity 
· Co-operation with Universities and endo-centres countrywide 
· Presentations at professional medical conferences 
· International relations with medical associations and NGOs 
· Leading petitions 
· Constant collaboration with state organizations

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