A different world cannot be built by indifferent people” (Peter Marshall)

Introducing our partner, IAAD.

IAAD is a leading not-for-profit project-based research and technology civil society organisation, located in Istanbul and Muğla, Turkiye, and develops at the interface between science, society, and businesses, driven social innovation.

Our organisation aims at maximising the potential for transferring results to the pan-European policy arena, thus systematically integrates pan-EU policies systems in all its initiatives.

Our activities target juveniles (10-13 years old), Youth (15-29 years old) and Youth Workers, and adults, more particularly people with special education needs (SEN), people with disabilities (PwD), NEET, and more globally people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We promote specific inclusion programmes targeting the migrant population. Initiatives aim at assisting local and regional communities to increase employability with tailored learning programmes, innovative community development models (community cooperatives), promoting and supporting the capitalisation of experiences from elderly generations, linking them with Youth and the ICT sphere.

We develop a series of initiatives to support active citizen’s and Youth’s access to finance through a cooperative model in which each cooperant act as an investor, inspired BY similar models conceptualised in water.org (Gary White) and 826 National (Dave Eggers).

All IAAD’s development programmes are designed with a Logical Framework Approach (LFA), and Result-Oriented Monitoring (ROM), using a set of tools and assigned staffs described in the “Project Management and Implementation Handbook” (PMIH).

The PMIH encompasses the following key features for evaluation of quality levels:
1) the process;
2) the results;
3) the participants;
4) the dissemination;
5) the impact.

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