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Partner description

Web Bay is a full-service web agency focused solely on digital needs of Associations (Lobby, NGOs, trade unions…) & EU projects dissemination activities. Web Bay covers everything from graphic design to dissemination-related needs, web design and software development. We utilize open-source platforms and Agile culture to make Secretariats and Consortiums as efficient & successful as possible in their mission.

Web Bay has worked on more than 50 projects within 8 European countries. We specialize in providing state-of-the-art web solutions for EU-funded projects, with a strong focus and understanding on EU-project’s dissemination needs and targeting of various stakeholders. We help with the dissemination needs of EU-funded projects, utilizing Communication strategy development to raise the visibility of the project.

We understand the challenges project Consortiums face, and focus on providing consultancy on best practices and European programme guidelines, in order to enable the Consortiums to focus on achieving project goals. 

Relevant FEMaLers and their relevant output

Nemanja Todić


Nemanja has translated his experience working closely with European Associations and NGOs into the company practices when he founded Web Bay in 2012. Software developer by call, he provides consultancy to the development teams of the best practices and guidance towards the new trends in the ever-growing industry. His main focus is growth, and he provides advice to our clients on the right ways towards the community growth and visibility of the actions. He advises on best practices for targeting relevant stakeholders and influencing decision-makers and provides expertise on how the project can make the largest impact within the non-profit community.


Relevant projects:

ANIMA Project is a H2020 project which deals with a global issue affecting thousands of people living around airports – aviation noise. ANIMA seeks to improve the lives of people directly affected by aviation noise around Europe’s major airports. The vital part of the project is connecting with stakeholders and experts throughout the process in order to ensure relevant and timely solutions and tools. 

Web Bay helped the Airport Regions Council to redevelop the project’s website, previously developed by another agency. Web Bay designed and developed the website, along with the Noise platform – a medium and tool for stakeholders to address the challenge of aviation noise impact management and mitigation from a holistic approach.

Katarina Đokić


Katarina has more than 6 years of experience as a Project Manager. Experienced Scrum Master, she makes sure that our every project is conducted using Agile methodology. She has successfully applied Dissemination and Communication strategies for various EU-funded projects related to Human Rights, Diversity and Health industries and was a part of multinational Consortiums. She is translating her experience using EU-projects conduct methodologies to Web Bay’s internal projects, makes sure they’re aligned, and acts as a link between the client’s team and development. She provides consultancy for best practices within the project cycle.


Relevant projects:

WE-Project is a REC project with aim to foster equality of young LGBTI+ people entering the labour market through professional training of stakeholders, increasing the knowledge of non-discrimination principles for the workers themselves and to create an open exchange of workplace-based good practice examples that promote acceptance, diversity and tolerance.

Web Bay helped the Institute for Social Research and Consulting to develop a youthful and engaging website to help facilitate learning about the discrimination in the workplace along with a Toolkit available for the LGBTI+ youth to learn how to fight against it.