This month has been particularly productive for the FEMaLe project, providing opportunities for FEMaLers to engage with the scientific community and to establish new lasting networks all across Europe.

1) During the ECSA – European Citizen Science Association’s Conference from 5-8 October in Berlin, Germany, FEMaLer Liv Juul Nielsen presented a joint poster about ‘Endometriosis and citizen health science: a new future for responsible research and innovation priority setting?’, together with Diana Reinoso from Science for Change.

2) Following the ECSA2022 poster session, we conducted the second FEMaLe joint webinar on 13 October about ‘First-person experiences of endometriosis. Participatory research, needs and recommendations of people with endometriosis’. Thank you for the cross #H2020 project collaboration, Nora on behalf of TRANSFORM.

Thank you for the constructive feedback: “It was encouraging to hear the views of women are so similar and there is evidently power in that. It is encouraging to understand that change is desired and there are people actively working towards that. Thank you and great job to all involved!

3) Now, at the ongoing 9th European Communication Conference (ECREA 2022) from 19-22 October in Aarhus, Denmark, FEMaLe adviser Dr Maria Tomlinson will present a joint poster about ‘Young People, Endometriosis, and the Delay to Diagnosis: The Impact of Cross-Cultural Collaboration’.

In addition, FEMaLe Social Media Reseach Collaborator Eileen Mary Holowka will present a joint poster about “Endometriosis: The Role of Social Media in Endometriosis Care”.

These early career researcher collaborations build upon the very first FEMaLe joint webinar on 01 February 2022 about ‘Young people and Endometriosis’.

FEMaLers, you make us all so proud!