The European healthcare systems are under pressure from several megatrends. 

  1. Increasingly aging population, meaning that a growing number of people are confronted with having one, and often multiple chronic conditions (i.e. multimorbidity)
  2. Lack of coherent monitoring 
  3. Reducing patient adverse-events 
  4. Collection and data usage to support clinical decisions and treatments 
  5. Diagnostic delay 
  6. Misdiagnosis or lack of a diagnosis altogether

Without any action towards, such as:

  • Personalized early risk prediction 
  • Prevention 
  • Coordinated intervention 

EHCS (European healthcare systems) will face many more patients suffering from chronic diseases, including multimorbidity, reducing quality of life and increasing healthcare expenditures.

Main goal of FEMaLe is to personalize the early risk prediction of endometriosis with an aim to ensure individualized intervention, and to build knowledge for prognostic prevention by the identification of subtypes of endometriosis.