Meet FEMaLe project adviser Annemette Broch, founder of Data for Good Foundation.

A little about Annemette:
She has 25+ years of experience working with customer strategy, analytical segmentation, relation data bases and data driven marketing and has strong strategic, project management and networking capabilities.

DATA for GOOD is based on Annemette’s professional and personal experience as customer orientation strategist and patient within the danish health care system. During her career she has gained deep insights into different stakeholders needs, drivers, motives and barriers in order to develop a data-driven, ethical and holistic approach for ensuring individual data-control supported and enabled by the implementation of GDPR in 2018.

(NB; Annemette also suffered from endometriosis in her younger years!)

📽 In this interview you can learn more about Annemette and how your and our data can be used for good.