FEMaLe project Coordinator Ulrik Bak Kirk went from never having heard of endometriosis back in 2019 to realising the extent to which endometriosis has gone under-addressed, -researched, -funded, -covered, and simply ignored. He pledged that it could not be up to chance whether the general public knew about endometriosis or not, leading to a strong emphasis on putting endometriosis on the political agenda as well as in the media.

Endometriosis has been mentioned 2.607 times in Danish media since 1992. 913 mentions (35%) have been made during the FEMaLe Project, including web and printed news articles, magazines, press releases, radio and TV spots, etc. Source: Infomedia (the leading media intelligence provider in the Nordics)

Ulrik Bak Kirk is a Chief Consultant and PhD Faculty Fellow at Aarhus University, where he leads the FEMaLe project. He has been working in the field of Digital Public Health for over 10 years, developing and implementing innovative solutions that enhance the health and well-being of diverse populations.

His humanistic background in History and Film & Media studies enables him to communicate and collaborate effectively across geographic and cultural boundaries, as well as to apply critical thinking and creativity to complex challenges. He is passionate about creating positive social impact through research and innovation, and he seeks to foster partnerships between academia, industry, and civil society.