5 identified priorities, 18 objectives, 50 measures and 152 concrete proposals for action. These were translated into the French endometriosis action plan for the period 2022 – 2025.

In March 2021, then French Minister of Solidarity and Health (Le ministre des Solidarités et de la Santé), Olivier Véran, launched work on a national strategy to combat endometriosis, involving multiple ministries.

The purpose of the action plan is to;
– Fully recognize the consequences of endometriosis
– Address the needs of women with endometriosis
– Provide better support for women suffering from it
– Make rapid progress in knowledge about the disease, its detection and diagnosis, and its treatment.

The strategy emphasizes the need for a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to this societal disease, which is a public health problem. It calls on all those involved in the management of endometriosis to mobilize, to be innovative and creative, and to use all the means at their disposal to further the fight against this disease.

Several relevant stakeholders – patient organizations, healthcare professionals and researchers have been involved in the development of the strategy. To this end, five working groups representing these stakeholders have been established, organized as follows:

– Working Group 1: Education, Communication and Awareness
– Working Group 2: Education of healthcare professionals
– Working Group 3: Detection and Diagnosis
– Workgroup 4: Personalized and comprehensive care pathways (Shoutout to FEMaLe project adviser Horace Roman)
– Workgroup 5: Research, innovation and epidemiology (Shoutout to FEMaLe partner Nicolas Bourdel from SURGAR and adviser Marina Kvaskoff)

(PDF) French Endometriosis Action plan