We wanted to share a select few key FEMaLe outputs and 2023 highlights:

1. Launch of the ‘Endometriosis Glossary’ campaign in collaboration with endometriosis.org.

2. Launch of co-created SoMe campaigns in collaboration with Danish and Swedish patients.

3. Two policy events in the Danish Parliament; the Danish state budget now includes endometriosis.

4. High-level event in the European Parliament; you can read our travel diary about the trip –> here

5. Industry endometriosis event with Medicon Valley Alliance’s Women’s Health Network.

6. An impressive total of 14 poster and oral presentations during the wonderful WCE 2023 in Edinburgh.

7. Launch of the World’s largest endometriosis study utilising the Lucy app; please read the press release –> here

8. Many excellent publications across disciplines published, increasing awareness.