When was it made?
Minister of Health, Stephen Donnelly, announced the development of the “National Endometriosis Framework” in March 2023.

By whom and based on what was it made?
The plan was developed by the HSE’s National Women and Infants Health Programme (NWIHP)

The framework is to be implemented in phases beginning in 2023.
Since 2019 the Women’s Health Taskforce has heard testimony from women with endometriosis. The “National Endometriosis Framework” is partly based on these testimonies

What is the overall content of the plan?
The framework sets out a defined clinical care pathway for women with endometriosis.

The vast majority of cases can be successfully managed at primary care level.
Cases requiring multidisciplinary support will be handled by five newly developed interdisciplinary teams equipped to support the holistic treatment of endometriosis.

How many resources are allocated to endometriosis?
There is no mention of specifically allocated funds.

What does the plan say about endometriosis specifically?
The entire framework is specifically concerned with endometriosis.

Who has commented on the plan and what do they say?
Endometriosis advocate and medical scientist, Kathleen M King, has commented on the framework.

The plans do not go far enough to address delays, including for diagnosis. On the contrary the plans compound the isolation, misdiagnosis and dismissal. It is specifically the part about complex cases being referred to expert treatment at two supra-regional specialist centres she is critical of. With the amount of existing “complex” cases and the ressources likely to be available at two such centres, she anticipates it will take 50 years to treat all who currently have the need.

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