Liv has just returned from some inspiring days in attending EURAM2023 in Dublin.

Not only did she attend, she also gave her first oral presentation at an academic conference, presenting the paper “How Agile Practices Change in a Large Research and Innovations Project” which she had worked on with  Tong Zhu, Ulrik Bak Kirk, and Half Double Institute’s Per Svejvig.

The presentation was followed by many fruitful discussions and inputs for the paper and the feedback they received was extremely useful for our further work.

It was exciting and educational to have the opportunity to participate in a conference with over 2,000 attendees from 60 different countries.

Liv feels honoured to have been selected to present among the + 1,300 papers that had applied to participate.

Liv’s note: “I must admit that I felt a bit out of my comfort zone since it is not a field I am educated in. Despite this feeling, it was interesting to gain insights into other people’s projects and areas of expertise and the conference provided a unique opportunity to explore different projects and expanding my perspectives.”

Overall, attending EURAM 2023 in Dublin was a great experience that allowed Liv to engage with a diverse community of academics from around the world.