Presenting esteemed Danish FEMaLe project partner Aarhus Universitets Hospital. Not only are they paramount in the treatment of Danish endometriosis patients, like FEMaLe, they also want to make lives better.

A little about AUH:
At AUH we engage patients with a whole-person approach and with the highest level of professionalism. We offer citizens a cohesive and reputable service throughout life no matter the difficulty of the treatment.

The strategic ambition for AUH can be boiled down to one statement; we want to cover all medical specialities at the highest international level.

The strategic ambition sets the direction for the development of our hospital evolving around the needs of our patients across specialities and disciplines.

‘In the best hands throughout life’ we approach hospital care with the human in focus.

– We put patients first and have a whole-person approach.
– We create results through collaboration in dialogue with patients, relatives and colleagues.
– We have the highest level of professionalism and strive for continuous development.
– We educate, develop and support each other focusing on improvement and learning in practice.
– We dare to take the lead and reach for a higher level.
– We make what is difficult possible.