FEMaLer Prof Mette Nyegaard visited UQ Institute for Molecular Bioscience at The University of Queensland’s Prof Grant Montgomery and his lab, who are using genetics and genomics to explain variation in reproductive traits and the risk of reproductive disease, including endometriosis.


Professor Montgomery has made substantial contributions to the worldwide effort to map genomic regions contributing to risk for complex traits and diseases, including endometriosis, age at menarche and menopause, cancers of the reproductive tract, melanoma and inflammatory bowel disease. He is conducting systems genetics and functional studies to identify the genes and pathways affected by these genetic risk factors. 



His work has identified possible target genes and functional consequences of genetic risk factors in genomic regions associated with endometriosis providing novel insights into the causes of this important disease. 

He is also Director of the UQ Genome Innovation Hub developing novel methods and pipelines for genomics in health and agriculture that can be widely applied in programs across The University of Queensland.