When was it made?

The plan was announced in 2021.

By whom and based on what was it made?
The Women’s Health Plan was made by the Women’s Health Group established by the The Scottish Government specifically for this purpose.

The plan is based upon a number of recent publications, reports and articles focusing on women’s health.

Through a survey and discussion events facilitated by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland testimony from women with endometriosis has also been taken into consideration.

The Women’s Health Group consists of organisations and individuals with specialist knowledge, expertise and experience in women’s health.

What is the overall content of the plan?

“Women’s Health Plan: A plan for 2021-2024”

The plan addresses women’s health inequalities. It is supposed to drive wider changes across health and social care services.

This initial Plan has a specific focus on the following priority areas:

– ensure women who need it have access to specialist menopause services for advice and support on the diagnosis and management of menopause.
– improve access for women to appropriate support, speedy diagnosis and best treatment for endometriosis.
– improve access to information for girls and women on menstrualhealth and management options.
– improve access to abortion and contraception services.
– ensure rapid and easily accessible postnatal contraception.
– reduce inequalities in health outcomes for women’s general health, including work on cardiac disease.

How many resources are allocated to endometriosis?
There is no mention of how the plan will be funded.

What does the plan say about endometriosis specifically?
Though the plan is concerned with women’s health in general, endometriosis is emphasised as a focus area. The plan includes recommendations for better endometriosis diagnosis and treatment, and it commissions endometriosis research to develop better treatment, management and find a cure.

🔗 If you wish to check out the plan in its entirety, here’s the plan (PDF).