If you have endometriosis and are not used to being taken seriously – this is a big opportunity!

On Thursday 25 May, there is an expert hearing in the Danish Parliament’s Health Committee on endometriosis, a hearing to which members of the equality committee, the employment committee and the social affairs committee are also invited.

This is the preliminary result of the representation that our coordinator Ulrik Bak Kirk and Louise Dreisig had before the Health Committee at the beginning of March this year. Seeds of hope have been planted. 🌱

It is so important for a huge group of patients – and their families – that we are now heard. And maybe in the future those with endometriosis may see:

– That the diagnosis delay of 5-7 years is brought down
– That one should not suffer more than necessary
– That fewer people have their quality of life destroyed
– That more people can avoid having their ability to work destroyed
– That you don’t have to pay with your social life
– That one should not end up involuntarily childless
– That you get the right help to live with the disease

We also want to thank and recognise Louise Dreisig for writing the Danish version of the text above!