WP5 is creating a large prospective database using the Lucy mobile health application (Lucy app) and to investigate the association between self-reported information (health status, diagnoses, dietary details, lifestyle, pain symptoms) and the clinical presentation of endometriosis using machine learning.

A selected few key FEMaLe project outputs and highlights in WP5 from July 2022 to December 2023:

– A baseline questionnaire and a longitudinal questionnaire were developed and implemented as an additional module in the Lucy app. It collects self-reported data on symptoms of endometriosis, socio-demographics, mental and physical health, economic, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors.

Data are collected in the following countries: Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, and Poland. Participant recruitment began in December 2021 and is expected to continue until December 2024.

– Results from WP5 were presented during the World Congress on Endometriosis in Edinburgh in May, 2023:

* The Use of the Lucy App in Patient Profiling for Early Diagnosis of Endometriosis (Oral)

* Hey Lucy! Your best friend on hard days! Period tracker/menstruation calendar mobile application for the early recognition of menstrual diseases (Poster)