July 2021

In accordance with the instructions of Minister Prof. Dr. Miklós Kásler, the Ministry is handling issues, such as infertility, the process of artificial insemination, and the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis in a complex manner.

The Ministry is working with professional boards and committees to ensure that, in the long term, it has the human resources and modern equipment with international experience to improve the quality of life of tens of thousands of women.

It takes 4.5 years between the onset of symptoms and the final diagnosis in Hungary. We would like to shorten that four and a half year waiting time even further, so that people can receive the right care as soon as possible. With the introduction of the health service legal status, there is a clear separation between private and public healthcare.
We would like to stress that patients covered by social insurance who use public care must in all cases be treated free of charge by public institutions. Within the public care system, any institution may be chosen and the competent regional institution may not refuse patients who apply to it.

What is being done for endometriosis in your country? Let us know!