Presenting data scientists Palle Duun Rohde and Peter Loof Møller from the Genomic Medicine group at the Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg University.

Palle Duun Rohde’s research is focused on genetics and how common variations in our DNA can impact the risk of disease. Palle is also the author of the qgg-package, which utilizes genetic data to estimate an individual’s lifetime disease risk. Peter Loof Møller’s research uses both genetic and proteomic data, combining the two types of data to predict current disease risk.

Focusing on endometriosis, their expertise has been used to identify traits which are genetically correlated with endometriosis in the largest genome-wide association study of endometriosis to date. Currently, both Palle and Peter are working with the MiEndo cohort, aiming to identify changes of the proteome after endometriosis surgery.

Palle and Peter both work in WP4, which aims to develop a risk classification tool to identify people at high and low risk of endometriosis as well as attempt to identify molecular sub-types of endometriosis.

Selected publications:

1) Expanded utility of the R package, qgg, with applications within genomic medicine. Bioinformatics 2023.
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2) The genetic basis of endometriosis and comorbidity with other pain and inflammatory conditions. Nature Genetics 2023.
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