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Adrienn Salamon – FEMaLe

Adrian Salamon

Together, It’s Easier Foundation

About Adrienn

Adrienn Salamon is the president of the Foundation. When she was 27, she was the first patient in Hungary with deep infiltrating endometriosis to be operated on, with laparoscopy by Attila Bokor. Today she is the mother of the two coolest kids and the president of the only Hungarian NGO supporting women with endometriosis.

She is working for women’s health since 2010. She had been diagnosed with endometriosis to establish the Foundation. It was a big challenge to learn how to live with endometriosis. But now her mission is to support endometriosis sufferers and their families. Her dream is that women gets fast help, so they won’t struggle so long, like she did. We work together with 6 volunteers daily and our volunteering coordinator manages 80 volunteers from all over Hungary.

Odpowiednie wyjście

We launched the Lucy App in October 2019. It won grand prize and we also received first place in the NGO category in Hungary in November 2019. Why is Lucy better than other menstruation calendar applications?

  • Apart from the basic menstruation calendar functions, it analyses symptoms during the cycle.
  • It alerts users if symptoms indicate health issues; therefore, reducing late diagnostics;
  • Besides endometriosis, the following symptoms of conditions can be recognized: PCOS, myoma, ovarian cyst, pelvic inflammatory disease, diabetes, insulin resistance.
  • With this new complex mobile application, we would like to help women recognize illnesses, such as endometriosis, at an early stage. Doctors can spend more time on patient care, discussing the therapy and the next steps. Lucy is already available from the end of October 2019 on Android.