profesor Philippa Saunders

FmedSci, FRSE, professor at University of Edinburgh

About Philippa

Philippa Saunders is a biomedical scientist and Professor of Reproductive Steroids at the University of Edinburgh. Her primary research is focused on improving our understanding of the impact of sex steroids on reproductive and other systems. She is co-Director of the EXPPECT (Excellence in Pelvic Pain and Endometrosis Care and Treatment) Centre developing new treatment paradigms to treat neuroinflammatory pain in women with endometriosis. Her research benefits from extensive collaborations with Clinical and Discovery scientists as well as those working in the commercial sector.

Odpowiednie wyjście

Saunders PTK and Horne AW. (2021) Endometriosis: etiology, pathobiology and therapeutic prospects. Cell. 184(11):2807-2824. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2021.04.041.
Gibson DA, Collins F, De Leo B, Horne AW, Saunders PTK. (2021) Peritoneal macrophage phenotype correlates with pain scores in women with suspected endometriosis. Reproduction and Fertility. 2: 47–57.